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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Body Magic

My fibula. It healed. One bone. No more little line going through the bottom of it on an x-ray.

What a relief.

So I am jogging again. A little teensy bit. Today I did my second 5k, up and over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn and back. It feels so good. Physically and mentally. It had gotten pretty dark there in my head for a while. I couldn't stop crying some days. Other days I just didn't want to be awake anymore. I can also meditate again and have been for a few weeks. It had gotten too uncomfortable to even do that. Little things like flowers from Mandy and fist bumps from stranger helped with a little bit of hope. Going to London for a few days to really wring my brain out helped, too.

Onward and upward. This weekend is the marathon in NYC and this year I will just get to be an observer and cheer on some folks. Next year I will run it with my strong little bone.