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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

M (squared)

Sitting with a bit of nervous energy right now, kind of looking around, unable to really focus but not quite ready for bed. Who goes to sleep at 8 on a Tuesday night? I would wake up at like 4, what is there to do at 4 am? So give the stupid blog a little attention and make raviolis and watch Curb? Sure.

Last week I finished up another masters. Okay. It feel less of an accomplishment than a milestone along the way to a PhD. So I have a little pause this summer. Three months without classes and only a big paper to write and another paper to revise and submit. What the hell am I going to do? Well, work but what else.

Get tan. Swim many laps. Run many miles. Sit in the garden. Cook. Oh god I am so happy I will get to cook. Make some ice cream. Talk to the cats. Finally finish The Essays. Read that Beethoven biography. Clean out all of my closets. Sleep in. Take naps. Walk around aimlessly.

What am I NOT going to do? Hopefully break my leg. I definitely do not want another one of those.

And maybe I will even write more on this stupid blog. Speaking of blogs, Mandy was out last weekend. You know, the one from way back who had a great blog? Then we became best friends and just this last weekend got matching tattoos of peapods. It was a hoot. Purely magical day it was, that Sunday. Mandy met Steve and we ate burger brunch. Then we ran into the lead singer from The Make-Up walking through Soho. How fun after we had seen and talked with him after his show the night before? And then when we walked into Kings Avenue we saw the same Reflexology woman we met in Austin a couple weeks before. What are the odds? I couldn't figure them out even though I did try for a minute or two.

So it's 8:45 now. That is an okay time to go to bed, right? Or at least get ready?