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Friday, July 28, 2017

Time Time Time What Has Become of Me

It's the last week of July. A year ago I broke my tiny fibula and this week alone ran 29 miles. The last year has brought a rollercoaster of emotion and change. It has been exhausting. Many ups and many downs. I'm back to about the weight I was before the break. That was a big deal, the weight gain.

I feel sometimes like all I do is complain on this silly blog. But today will be no different. I got the sads, man. Or the feelings, rather. I have like a million feelings right now. Like all over the place and all I really want to do is sit down and sleep. Maybe that is what I will do this weekend. Steve and I are going up to a wedding in upstate NY. His friends. So all I gotta do is just show up. Show up, be supportive, and just be. That is a big deal, just being.