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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Doing Nothing

Well. I quit my job. And got a different one. But still. Big time changes.

I should be going through emails right now and putting some finishing touches on work. But I really do not feel like it so I am just gonna watch some goofy sitcom and (then I just stopped, there, in the middle of writing)

And picked back up TWENTY whole days later.

Wanna know what I have done this summer? Effectively nothing. And will likely continue this until Monday morning. Clinic begins, classes start, TAing kicks in. Then there will be SO MUCH SCHEDULED TIME. Justification for just walking around and hanging out with Steve for a few days at a time, no real plans, nothing to really "do". What a whole new concept and plan of action.

Okay back to watching Rick & Morty, eating homemade ice cream, and setting no alarm.


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