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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

On Running a Marathon

Short and sweet, unlike the actual race.

1. It is something to do once if the itch ever takes hold but it is incredibly unlikely I will ever run another one. The amount of training and mental energy is not something to be flip about. The practice runs, the eating, the sleeping, the general pain, all of them take up a lot of time. But it is only five months of your life so why not?

2. Selfies: Why were so many people on their phones during the race? Don't they know they have a marathon to run? How busy people were taking photos was a little bit sad but hey, people are people. Who knows you were there if it isn't posted on social media?!

3. Days after: the pain. Oh the pain and anxiety like I should be doing something. Yeah, resting.

Anyway, I am coming up on finishing the first semester of the PhD program and will be very happy to have one less class next semester. Still busy but it eases just the teensiest. And I will take it.

Back to resting.